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Rosalie W

Chris st SCR listened to what I wanted and helped me find the right laptop. I gave him the old one and he gave me the new one set up just the way I wanted it. When I think of all the aggravation I would have felt setting it up myself or calling relatives with questions, I think that Chris gave me an extra day to enjoy rather than to muddle through. He was fair, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. So glad I found this company.

J Zombie

These guys are so great! They made me a brand new gaming pc that runs games at the highest graphic settings which is incredible! My father uses them for his company too, so they are really great.

A. John B

Chris and Kevin were able to help me get my wi-fi working solidly around my whole house and even outside in the backyard. Before they came there were dead spots everywhere and since I'm fed up with Optimum (Altice) and want to cut the tv this was necessary for me to be comfortable I could go without cable. Also, with my wife and I now working from home we need a solid internet connection at all times. We have it now. I am thrilled that I now have someone to call on when these tech issues come up. Thanks Chis and Kevin.

James T

Helpful and knowledgeable staff, fixed my laptop quickly and gave an in depth explanation as to what was wrong with it

Donald B

We had a "working at home" emergency. Our Apple Airport "crashed" and was terminal. We needed a rapid, and permanent fix
We went to Specialized Computer Resources for a few reasons
1: They repaired a Laptop that we needed back in May once the Gov allowed them to reopen and they did a great job at a very fair price
2: They are a LOCAL Business to our area
We rally want to do business with our neighbors
3: They are really good at what they do

Sure enough, they came right out diagnosed the problem, offered a Permanent fix and installed the components, tinkered to get the EXACT right whole house coverage and we are up and running better then before
We are very pleased and grateful for their time response and quality products and service We HIGHLY recommend Chris and his colleagues

Brian S

Brought in two desktop PCs to add a new graphics card to each, to support dual monitors via HDMI. The cards installed were noisy, and Dave from Specialized wanted to make sure I was happy. He ordered two new cards, and installed them. Both are whisper quiet. The professionalism of the shop and wanting to make sure I was happy really came through. Have been there in the past with some laptop issues and a nasty virus issue, and these guys really know what they are doing! Would recommend them totally!

JUL Enterprises

Nothing but good things to say about Chris & his team. They always provide top-notch service, are responsive and professional in supporting my company's needs. Highly recommend!

Marilyn M

Chris did an excellent job installing my office computer and was readily available for any questions I had. I highly recommend this company!

Douglas A

Pressed the wrong key on my desktop and wiped everything out except the photos which were backed up. Rode past their location so I decided to give them a try. Compared to the experience I had with a previous computer repair establishment, there concern and expertise to me was second to none. They asked questions about my needs and they were met and exceeded my expectations. I have three more computers that are running slow and will get them serviced at this establishment.

Henry L.

These guys are the best! They've helped me out of numerous jams already. They care about their customers and community. Every town could use more local businesses like this.

Richard C.

I can't say enough about the excellent service provided by the professionals at S-C-R. I am writing as the out-of-town son of a very loyal and satisfied customer: my ninety year old mother. She has depended on these local folks in Allendale for keeping her home computer, printer and IPAD in tip-top shape over the years. Recently, she was invited by her granddaughter to attend a virtual baby shower on ZOOM. This presented a dilemma as her IPAD did not have the ZOOM app installed. My mother and I worked on this problem for about an hour over the phone with no luck. Fortunately, she went to the S-C-R shop and the capable people there installed the ZOOM app on her IPAD, showed her how it worked, and prepared it for immediate use. Subsequently, when she returned to her home, the two of us did a "dry run" ZOOM meeting today with excellent results!

Leighton G.

These guys go out of their way to help in any way possible. I'm an 8 year customer. Installed my systems, moved my systems, fixed my systems and always do what is right. Even have a storefront for quick keyboard, mouse, cable and other accessory replacement. Great local resource. Call them, TRUST them.

Jeff D.

Purchased a computer here and it has been running fine for 2 years now. They moved my data from my old computer too.

Gary C.

David and the crew are the best !!!!!!!!!! of the best !!! All know their stuff and go out of their way to help and repair your problem highly recommend !!!!!!!!!!!!! A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+


The power supply conked out on my computer and these guys fixed it the same day. It was a rush since I use it for my business. They put in a digital hard drive, transferred the data with no issues. Awesome service. Will be going back with other computers.